Blue Balloon Arts is a Toronto based visual arts initiative.  Our mission is to collaborate, build & create with members of our local community by facilitating art based programs to youth in high priority neighbourhoods in Toronto. 

Conceived in 2015 by Davina Nathan following the sudden passing of her older brother, "Beeje" who was a musician, artist and passionate admirer of the outdoors.  There are numerous stories whereby he would enthusiastically share his experiences white water paddling throughout Canada.  These canoe trips pushed him to the physical limits but were the moments where he was most alive. It was on these expeditions where he made time to paint and be still.  He would often find the highest rock with a view, or sit beside a shallow creek and use his miniature Windsor & Newton watercolors.  It was on these trips that he would paint the most dramatic landscapes and sky's full of rich hues and textures. Painting among the pristine wilderness was truly a sacred and positive outlet.

Blue Balloon Arts aims to honour his memory by facilitating art based programs to youth in the GTA. With an underlying goal to help raise awareness and compassionately end the stigma towards mental health afflictions and addiction.  

For further inquires regarding this initiative, how to get involved, future collaborations, upcoming events, or just to simply say hello please email/call us at: 



 416. 312. 6776

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