Blue Balloon Arts first event, "Come Paint with Me" hosted by Davina Nathan and Nolan Mandel, was held in Dufferin Grove Park, in July of 2017.  The event was a tremendous success! Thanks to the unbelievable generosity from friends and family who donated to a Gofundme campaign to make the day possible.  Their support enabled the purchase of over 200 canvases, a wide selection of acrylic paints, brushes and watercolors, to share with over 400 members of the community in a free outdoor art event which is set to occur alongside Figment Art Project in 2018.

With the guidance of a visiting professional artist, we offered step by step art instruction to paint a Canadian themed painting (a scenic lake with canoe and a blue jay). The guided lessons were staged at four different times during the day, in which individuals and families created their own canvas to take home.  It was truly inspiring to see how individualistic each painting was.

There were also various hands on creative stations staged around the park, guided by local artists & volunteers for children ages 1.5 years and up.  Art based activities ranged from marble foam painting, hand made journals, beading, mural painting, painting with string and salt, experimenting with eye droppers, sticks, q tips dipped in paint; all in exploration of nature using different mediums and textures.

 The goal of our outdoor art event was to come together rain or shine, to let go of any creative inhibitions and explore the various healing benefits that come with creative expression.  With no other intention then to be together as a community, enjoy the experience & hopefully learn something new!